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Hey guys, we want to share more information about skin and in particular about some of the ingredients that we think make a world of difference in skin care.

One of these ingredients are known as polysaccharides. Some of you might know that these are basically a carb that is made up of sugar molecules, but what does it really mean when we're talking about our skin? Well a balance of these molecules are necessary for healthy skin structure. These molecules are essentially responsible for keeping our skin hydrated and retaining water, which in term helps tremendously with dry skin and most importantly wrinkles and elasticity.

We have formulated our Anti-Aging Line to include one of the most natural and effective polysaccharide known to the beauty market. This ingredient is known as a natural skin tightener, it’s composition provides a lifting effect which in turn helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The ingredient is sourced from a tree fern native to New Zealand and it is Eco-Cert certified to be used in natural and organic skin care. In fact, our Intense Lifting Serum is one of the products with the highest concentration of this ingredient and thus one of the most effective product that we currently offer in wrinkle reduction. Last but not least, the pictures shows the difference after just first use!