Create a spa experience at home

13 May 2018 08:55:27

mini facialThis Mother's Day, pamper yourself or someone you love by following these short steps.

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Serums during summer

5 Jun 2017 15:46:07

skin routineIt finally feels like summer, temperature reaching high 20’s and we can’t wait to get outdoors. But before we do, always remember to apply an SPF product to your skin.

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Toner, toner and more toner!

2 Dec 2016 16:17:20

Toner is the most underutilize product of a skin care routine - but it's usage can take your products to another level! 
Generally, toners are formulated to tone and balance the pH of your skin, which in turn helps your serum and moisturizer penetrate deeper into the skin layers.
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Polysaccharides and our skin

23 Sep 2016 14:08:01

Hey guys, we want to share more information about skin and in particular about some of the ingredients that we think make a world of difference in skin care. One of these ingredients are known as polysaccharides. Some of you might know that these are basically a carb that is made up of sugar molecules, but what does it really mean when we're talking about our skin? Well a balance of these molecules are necessary for healthy skin structure. 

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Calgary is known for its dry climate and the long winter months. As we slowly approach the short days of the season we should consider if our skin care routine is ready to take on below zero temperatures. Here are some thoughts on how to protect your delicate skin this winter.

During the winter months the frosty days can cause a decrease in the blood flow and the activity of our sebaceous glands, which maintains the integrity of the skin barrier, is greatly reduced leaving our skin feeling dry and dehydrated. As the temperature dips down, our skin tends to lose its elasticity and tone, making our skin more susceptible to wrinkles, especially areas where the skin is thinner and more sensitive. We need to change our routine and incorporate different products that provide more nourishment and maximum protection.

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